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...little pool of Non Sequiturs...

work in progress

This is who I am.

Strong and willful, stubborn, happy.

In some ways, I am the one your mother warned you about. I encourage living your life to the fullest, and giving in to temptation. Sometimes I even provide the temptation. I believe in doing whatever you feel is right, and not denying your innermost drives.

I'm on a different plane of existence from a lot of the people I know. Some of them realize it, and others don't. Some people can relate to me on that level, and others require a little mental hiccup on my part. I think I have a talent for finding the best level for relating to any given person, but then since I can't have a completely objective view of the world and of myself, I can't say for sure whether that's even an accurate perception.

I'm so very interested in perception.

I'm interested in how others perceive me, and I'm interested in how others perceive each other and the world around them. I try to see from other points of view as often as I possibly can. I like to understand what makes people tick.

I think I do a fairly good job.

I still wonder where my anger went. Perhaps it left when I learned to stop applying my logic to other people.

Forgive and forget? I haven't forgotten, and I haven't forgiven. But I've put it behind me just the same.

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I have a bunch of filters, but only one of them is opt-in. If you're poly, or poly-friendly, or at least not poly-hostile, and I don't already know it, then once you're on my friends list you can comment on this post to be added to my poly filter. One of these days I might even figure out why I have one, since it seems like just about everyone on my friends list is on it.
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